Cloud Migration

Why cloud is the ideal for Any Company?

Cloud migration is essential for any industry as it helps the growing demands of requests and gives uninterrupted data access.

Checklist for cloud migration

Legacy systems, scalability, costs and tech debt are the moving pieces in a cloud shift.

In executing a cloud migration strategy, we first prepare the ground with a set of checks:

  • We conduct a cloud readiness and economic assessment based on business challenges and determine the migration approach.
  • We assess the existing operating environment to identify opportunities for cost, security and optimizations.
  • We develop a cloud roadmap journey with short, medium- and long-term business objectives.

We outline and define the planning and architecture of the migration thus:

  • Modernize DevOps approaches to leverage automation.
  • Support the execution of the roadmap and strategy.

Checklist for cloud migration

We offer solutions to adopt a cloud-native approach, migrate seamlessly to the cloud, containerization and cloud analytics.

What Cloud Migration Services Do We Provide?

Cloud Migration Consulting

Our highly-experienced consultants work closely with your organization to carry out a detailed review of your IT infrastructure and provide recommendations for cloud migration. We start by evaluating your existing infrastructure as well as software to determine the system & cloud service provider that is best suited for your business organisation. We analyse the possible challenges / risks, while identifying and prioritising the applications & infrastructure to be migrated to the cloud.

Infrastructure Migration

We have executed migration projects involving shifting entire infrastructure to cloud, including migration from on-premises to cloud and from one cloud platform to another. Whether it is AWS, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud, our professionals have hands-on experience of working with virtually all leading cloud providers.

Platform Migration

Our comprehensive platform migration services include determining the suitability of new platforms and testing of live load. Based on your business requirements, we draw an outline for long term plan that focuses on minimising the future migration requirements. Being the trusted IT partner of some of the biggest brands in the globe, we hold a complete stack of technology & tools to address every unique platform migration needs.

Database Migration

We have a large team of professionals who have executed end-to-end data migration of numerous databases while maintaining the integrity of the information and its structure. We keep the source database fully accessible during the transition to ensure that there’s no downtime resulting in stalled business processes. Along with strict compliance to industry standards of ETL and time proven expertise, we offer live support and 24x7 assistance. Our team has helped various clients from different industries to migrate homogeneous as well as heterogeneous database to the cloud.

Application Migration

There are circumstances when an application’s performance is weighed down by legacy infrastructure. In such scenarios, we help you boost the performance of applications through our services on workload migration to cloud. Our cloud application migration services employ proprietary or third-party tools to automate the migration. We devise migration strategy keeping the application owner and end users in the sight to ensure both parties equally benefit from the application migration to cloud. We also conduct pilot projects for business-critical applications to determine and ensure the feasibility of application migration.

Containerization of apps

Containers are becoming a crucial part of a digital transformation journey. The portability of containers both internally and on the cloud, combined with their low cost makes them a great substitute to virtual machines. However, It is also important to recognize from the start that not all systems fit the containerization and micro services model. Utilizing the container as a service model, we help enterprises build scalable, containerized applications either on-premises or on the cloud by using a container-based virtualization, an application programming interface (API) or a web portal interface. We deploy containerization services for the public cloud utilizing Amazon Web Services (AWS), IBM Bluemix, Microsoft Azure and CaaS orchestration platforms like Docker Swarm and Google Kubernetes.

Process We Follow For Cloud Migration?

Migration Consulting

Workload Assessment
  • Evaluate the implications of migration to the cloud
  • Post migration Impact on business owners & customers
  • Detailed Analysis of direct / indirect cost implications, and feasibility of re-purposing of existing infrastructure
  • Workload performance assessment
  • Feasibility of complying with security standards
  • Storage, disaster recovery and business continuity implications
  • Assessment for best-fit cloud service provider

Migration Blueprint

Technical Architecture

We prepare a walkthrough of a detailed technical diagram of listing of servers, OS, network details, DNS requirements, SSO & SSL design, bandwidth evaluation, storage, backup, load-balancing, application delivery, and business continuity design.

Vendor and Service Provider

Migration Blueprint will consist of cloud service provider recommendation, including the BOM and service cost stated by the service provider.

Migration Plan

We would walk through a project plan listing all the infrastructure details, milestones, tools, resources, recommended vendors, initial cost estimation, and pre/post cloud deployment training needs. We also include workload monitoring and management in the migration plan along with roll-back and contingency plans development.

Migration Implementation

Technical Review

Detailed review of technical details is performed to ensure cloud architectural plan is optimised for best possible performance. Any changes made during the period of planning & actual implementation are considered and made part of the plan.

Project Management

Timelines & milestones are set, project members are identified, and project is kicked off. We have best practices in place for project management along with certified in-house PMPs.

Testing, Delivery and Support

The implementation is tested at various stages and any unforeseen problems are addressed in accordance to the level of their criticality. On successful migration and testing, project sign-off is done once the application/infrastructure is successfully migrated to cloud. We also, provide post implementation support services for the projects we deliver.