eventLENS 360

Fluent Vision

Organization Structure


Focus on communication strategy internally and externally. They work on effective communication strategies

Business Plan

Advisory, Strategy and planning for the business.

POC Team

Works on building POCs, the team members dynamically change based on the requirement. They work on building a minimum viable product.


Technology advisory, design and architecture


Digital Leadership

Leadership is responsible for leading strategy, vision and roadmap for the delivery of best in class services. Areas of responsibility include

  • Leadership
  • Product vision
  • Strategy
  • Digital Services and Operations
  • Digital Development
  • Digital Product Strategy & Experience Design
  • Digital Operations Support
  • Digital Operations Portfolio Governance
  • Senior Scrum Master / Agile Coach
  • QA
  • Development
  • Digital Architects
  • Senior BA

Extra Curricular

Cultural Activities

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Social Responsibility

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Group Policies


Delivery Model

Focus on product velocity i.e. release to the market speed than a complete and full featured big release. This gives us the flexibility to deliver the customers what they need than what we have. This approach gives flexibility and interactivity work with customers.

  • A dedicated team to deliver changes based on the insights. Smaller changes with greater product to market velocity have better conversion rate than larger feature sets that are time taking to deliver.
  • Knowledge repository for customers to provide real world solutions and insights without having to reach support via tedious emails and phones.
  • Leveraging greatest and latest of technologies
  • Increased efficiency in functionality through well organized content management system

Simple. Aspirational. Inspired. Passionate. Agile.

We take a simple concept and take a rigorous approach to iterate to bring value into our products and services. This aligns with our strategy to focus on product velocity.


  • Delight customers: Deliver thrilling user experiences. Brand and Design Language can evolve.
  • Challenge the status Quo: Seek to subvert the dominant paradigm. Disrupt. Innovate. Move the market
  • Lead with courage: Believe in the power of the team. Design for the wholeness, keep it evolving.
  • Paperless Design: Replace paper with digital by default. The environment and our customers will thank us.
  • Mobile first: Design for Mobile first, then port to other devices types.
  • Build reusable technology. Optimize technology design for reuse across the group, and for use by external parties
  • Deliver at pace. Agile project approach, efficient empowered local teams enabled to be outstanding in what they deliver
  • Test, don’t assume. Customer testing, avoid internal opinion based decisions. Test, test and test again.
  • Use plain Language: Simplicity of language will help our customers understand how we can help them.
  • Test with regulator: Where appropriate, use the FCA sandbox to test against the regulations